nominations and awards


Named “Best in the Country 2012” by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter
“The new play by Lars Norén, “Fragmente”, directed by Sofia Jupither at Folkteatern in Gothenburg is a relentlessly intriguing pessimistic description of modern society: ‘terrifying and hilarious, terrifyingly hilarious even’ said our critic”

Named best performance of the year in Götaland 2012 - editor's choice,
Nummer’s critic, Lis Hellström Sveningson, was moved and wrote: “Fragmente could have been content offering a distanced peek into the black misery of “someone else”. But this is striking; the existential lines are finely drawn and at the centre lays the question of living space for us all. The gallows humour becomes a hilarious survival strategy that unites stage and audience. All in all, Fragmente at Folkteatern is an impressive collective manifestation. Intrusive, like a black-edged knife to the very body of society”.

Nominated for the Nöjesguiden Gothenburg Award, Stage category
From the motivation:
“Lars Norén wrote a new play exclusively for the Folkteatern ensemble – a dark exposé of the invisible inhabitants of the city. We got to follow them deep beneath the surface, down into destinies that would not otherwise be seen. Powerful”.

Sophia Jupither was nominated for the Swedish Theater Critics’ Award 2012 for Fragmente.
From the motivation:
“The musical interpretation of the new drama by Lars Norén is a striking embodiment of people living staggeringly close to the landfill of life. At the centre lays the question of living space for us all and Jupither’s stages a production that becomes a knife to the very body of society”.