about the Moving cities...

For five years, six theatres commit themselves to question the city as a microcosm of today’s Europe.

The Moving cities section is built on the desire to communicate ideas, personal accounts and works, with the aim of sharing experiences in order to invent an open and inclusive multiculturalism.

In so doing, each theatre develops a workshop, in parallel with the production of the performances, which brings together a contemporary artist and a group of citizens, actors of their own city. The artist’s means of expression becomes the language used by men and women to narrate, to debate, to question the themes introduced by Villes en scène/Cities on stage. From these meetings will result a work that will travel along with the dramatic production.

Each theatre also gives a group of adolescents the opportunity to follow the production process of the performance that will take place in their respective city.

As its name suggests, Moving cities is deeply rooted in a desire for movement and exchanges:  as we try to let the world shine in the theatres, its stories are yet to be found outside the theatre itself.