" C’est pas grand chose…"

Film workshop in Brussels

End 2011, the non-profit making organization Article 27*, with the support of the Public Social Welfare Centre of Brussels, set up an artistic workshop meant for the adult audience of the PSWC. The audience met wished to join in a film workshop, the Théâtre National, proposed to integrate this workshop, led by the non-profit making organization Indications, into the European project Villes en scène/Cities on stage.

In May 2012, Pepi Kabova, Mika Barseghyan, Charlotte Dieka, Fatima Ounchif,  who took part in the workshop, completed their film project by the production of a short film, "C'est pas grand-chose..." The film shows the loneliness of a woman living in the centre of Brussels. She has nearly no human contacts apart from the bare essentials. Nevertheless, she meets unexpectedly another woman who collects, with a view to recycling them, plastic tops for an association.

Based on the personal experiences of the four authors, the film enters in resonance with the framework defined by the project Villes en scène/Cities on stage : it questions the living together in a metropolis from a selected angle, that of poverty, loneliness but also the problematic of waste, of recycling.

The film "C'est pas grand-chose..." was projected on 20 April 2013 at the Théâtre National , within the context of the performances of Fragmente, in the presence of the cast of the production.  The projection was followed by an encounter with the participants in the workshop.

Further to this positive experience, a new workshop will accompany the creation of the play Dire ce qu’on ne pense pas dans des langues qu’on ne parle pas directed by Antonio Araujo, from March till June 2014.

*The non-profit making organization Article 27 has made its mission to make alive and easier the access to any form of culture for any person living a difficult social and/or economic situation.