Le sorelle Macaluso

Emma Dante

Premiere on January 22nd 2014 | Napoli, Teatro Mercadante

"Le sorelle Macaluso (Macaluso sister) are a flock of crows that participate at their funeral and that of others. Suspended between the earth and the sky. In confusion between life and death. The family is mainly formed by seven sisters, all girls, Gina, Cetty, Mary, Katie, Leah, Pinuccia and Antonella died some years before. During the ceremony, the sisters stop to remember, to evoke, to reproach, to dream, to cry and to laugh at their history. It is the funeral of one of them. The dead are in the bottom, ready to take away the deceased with a strip of adhesive tape on the floor that marks the border between here and there, between now and ever, between “is” and “was”, a line over which to fight again, in the manner of Sicily puppets, with swords and shields in hand.

I imagine a backlight, dark clothing and a journey. A moving family into and out of the darkness. I see a young father to appear at fifty years old daughter, a wife clinging to her husband in an eternal embrace, a man failed even in death, I see the dreams stuck between shadows and solitude, and I see the dead can stand in front of us with ease. Everything is inspired by the short story that once a friend of mine told me. A night, in the delirium of the disease, his grandmother called her daughter screaming. The daughter ran to her bed and her mother asked her, "ultimately I’m alive or dead?" The daughter replied: "You're alive Mom!" And the mother said, mockingly: yes, alive! I died for a while and you don’t tell me not to scare me)."

Emma Dante

Production Teatro Stabile di Napoli
Coproduction Théâtre National/Bruxelles, Festival d’Avignon, Folkteatern Göteborg. In collaboration with Teatrul National Radu Stanca/Sibiu

This production will be accompanied during its production and tour by the citizen’s workshop Moving cities Naples.

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