Workshop #3 Gothenburg

Becoming me, directed by Melanie Mederlind
June 2014 | Folkteatern Göteborg.

In May and June 2014, the Folkteatern Göteborg will host a workshop, inviting young Belgian actors to work with the Swedish director, Melanie Mederlind. A group of residents will lead the young artists though the streets of Göteborg.

Public presentation of the workshop in the Folkteatern Göteborg on June 4th and in Brussels on June 11th 2014 (more info here).

Cast :
With Morgane Choupay, Emile Falk-Blin, François Gillerot, Natalia Martinez, Flavia Papadaniel, Nathalie Rozanes, Chloe Winkel.
Directed by Melanie Mederlind

The blog of the spectators in Göteborg here.
With: Amanda Elsa Larsson, Saga Björklund Jönsson, Lydia Sjöberg, Isra El-Salihie, David Wallstén.



Production Folkteatern Göteborg with the collaboration of Théâtre National de la Communauté Française/Bruxelles.